Shipping policy


[i] will deliver the order products at the address our customer has provided. The products will be at the own account and risk from the moment customer has received the products.

[i] work with MyParcel a trusted company that offers a secure delivery worldwide.

[i] will try based on a best effort obligation to deliver the products within two (2) to seven (7) business days from the order confirmation in Europe. A delivery date or period is never a strict delivery period or term and cannot be construed as a deadline, resulting in the liability of [i]. for any damages incurred by customer.

If the product, due to any delay in delivery, cannot be delivered in whole within seven (7) business days also not in whole within a period of twenty-one (21) days from the order confirmation [i] will notify the customer and the customer has the right to terminate the order without costs and without being liable to [i]. After termination [i] will pay back any amount already paid by the customer.

In the case parties do agree on a strict delivery term or deadline, [i] will only be in default after [i] has failed to adhere to a notice of default containing a reasonable term to still comply with the order.

[i] is entitled to partial delivery, unless explicitly agreed otherwise by parties in writing or if the nature of the order does not provide for partial delivery. In case of partial delivery the invoice for the partial delivery must be paid according to the payment conditions on the invoice, unless parties explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.